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Voice of Money Speakers

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Berkow, Jonathan.jpg

Jonathan Berkow

Alternative Data Lead, Alliance Bernstein

JONATHAN BERKOW is the Alternative Data Lead in the equities division at AllianceBernstein. He leads the research and adoption of alternative data in equity research and systematic strategies. Prior to joining AB in 2018, Jonathan was a systematic portfolio manager and researcher at the hedge funds Element Capital and Kepos Capital. He started his career at Goldman Sachs Asset Management where he managed quantitative research and was a portfolio manager for global equity portfolios. His research has spanned both equities and macro asset classes. Jonathan graduated from MIT with a degree in economics.

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Best, John.jpg

John Best

CEO & Founder, Best Innovation Group

JOHN BEST is CEO and Founder of Best Innovation Group (BIG), an innovation think tank that points its clients in the right direction to achieve quicker adoption of cutting-edge technologies. John is recognized as a thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the credit union industry.

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Binder, Emily.jpg

Emily Binder

Chief Strategist/Voice Marketing Lead, Beetle Moment Marketing

EMILY BINDER is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and founder of Beetle Moment Marketing, a voice-first consultancy based in Austin, Texas. Applying over a decade of experience as quarterback for dozens of successful marketing initiatives from startups to Fortune 500 brands, Emily helps her clients stay relevant amidst fast-moving new technology. Her work focuses on AI and voice assistants, branded audio content, and social media. Emily is a keynote speaker on emerging technology and marketing. She hosts a weekly podcast and a daily Alexa Flash Briefing about voice technology and business.

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Fava, Dani.jpg

Dani Fava

Director, Product Strategy & Development, TD Ameritrade Institutional

DANI FAVA is the Director of Innovation at TD Ameritrade Institutional, where she oversees the development of advanced investment management and technology tools designed to help independent registered investment advisors compete and thrive in a world of accelerating change. Having managed the launch of TD Ameritrade’s award winning iRebal on Veo1 portfolio rebalancing technology, Dani rolled out the award-winning2 Model Market Center, TD Ameritrade Institutional’s innovative approach to bringing outsourced investment management capabilities to RIAs. Dani is also responsible for implementing voice-first capabilities at TD Ameritrade, which will employ conversational AI that can communicate with advisors. She joined TD Ameritrade in 2012 and puts more than 15 years of wealth management knowledge to work. Dani was recently named one of the top 16 Women in Wealthtech.

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Hall, Will.jpg

Will Hall

Chief Creative Officer, RAIN Agency

WILL HALL is the Chief Creative Officer at RAIN, leading combined teams of strategists, engineers, and designers. He serves on multiple advisory boards focused on Voice and Conversational technologies, and has been declared the "winner" of Pinterest. Over the past 14 years, he's worked at agencies with key clients including Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, BlackRock, Sony, Alibaba, and Starbucks, to name a few. Will is also an Adjunct Professor of Design at NYU.

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Kaplan, Brandon jpeg_edited.jpg

Brandon Kaplan

BRANDON KAPLAN is the Founder of SKILLED, an emerging technology creative agency, headquartered in NYC. Obsessed with technology throughout his life, Brandon founded SKILLED with the mission to bend emerging technologies creatively. SKILLED develops best in class VOICE experiences for Fortune 500 brands including PepsiCo and Starbucks. SKILLED treats conversational interfaces as a true omni-channel platform, ready to be leveraged by brands in order to drive engagement, conversion, and transactions.

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Kelvie, John from him.jpg

John Kelvie

Founder and CEO, Bespoken

JOHN KELVIE, CEO & Founder of Bespoken, has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, CTO, and developer. His passion is building software, and teams, from day zero to market leaders. John was co-founder and Chief Architect of Overture Technologies, an innovator in automated underwriting systems for mortgage and higher education. There he built the engineering team to over 20 developers and the software was recognized as the premium offering in large-scale mortgage underwriting. He then served as CTO of ODIN Technologies where he led development and initiated the company's transition from services to a leading RFID software company. And immediately prior to co-founding XAPPmedia, John was founder of Atomizer Software where he focused on mobile, educational game development and experiential social software. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Duke University.

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Lang, Matt.jpg

Matt Lang

Strategy Director, RAIN Agency

MATT LANG is a marketing strategy director focused on new technology and media. He has spent the past eight years focused on bringing innovation strategies to life for brands including Visa, BlackRock, Nestlé, Unilever, Pfizer, and Campbell’s. Currently, Matt works on voice and conversational AI planning for brands at RAIN, advising clients on voice strategy, search and development work. 

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McMahon, Jeff - from them_edited.jpg

Jeff McMahon

Co-Founder and CEO, Voicify

JEFF McMAHON is co-founder and CEO at Voicify. He has spent over 20 years helping brands connect to their customers using cutting-edge marketing technologies. The common thread throughout his career has been building companies and technology platforms that focus on creating rich customer experiences for digital channels such as voice, web, and mobile. Prior, Jeff co-founded and led several organizations from inception through successful exit. Most recently, he was the CEO of Agency Oasis where he led the company’s growth into one of the leading digital agencies in the country with offices in Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In addition to his leadership responsibilities at Voicify, Jeff is an active investor, advisor, and mentor to several start-up companies in the marketing technology and e-commerce spaces. Jeff has a BA in Neuroscience from Hamilton College and an MBA from Cornell University.

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Metrock, Bradley.jpg

Bradley Metrock

BRADLEY METROCK is CEO of Nashville-based Score Publishing, which helps creators find voice. Bradley founded podcast network VoiceFirst.FM, hosts the popular show This Week In Voice, published the audiobook Perspectives on Gender in #VoiceFirst Technology, produces the company's series of VoiceFirst Events, and founded the industry association VoiceFirst.Community. Quoted by organizations as diverse as The Mayo Clinic to Voicebot.AI, and cited as a top voice and AI influencer, Bradley has become a leading figure of the #VoiceFirst movement.

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Moon, Betty v2.jpg

Betty Moon

Strategic Industries Executive Advisor, SAP

DR. BETTY MOON is the Financial Services Industry Executive Advisor for SAP, the world’s #1 enterprise application software company. Betty helps financial institutions design their futures and improve their results by bridging technology and business through research on customer experience, marketing, strategy, and leadership. A recognized leader in the banking and capital markets industry, Betty has over 30 years of combined financial services, consulting, and technology experience, during which she developed strategic visions for brands such as Bank of America, PNC Investments, National City Bank, and Huntington Bank. Betty has been honored with the Bank Insurance and Securities Association’s most prestigious award, the Circle of Excellence, for her commitment to the profession and contributions to advancing the industry. Additionally, Betty serves on the board of advisors for NOPSEC, a leader in vulnerability and cyber threat management. She is a Certified Financial Planner, and earned both her Master of Science degree and Doctorate in Business Management from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management. Betty is a passionate supporter of women’s issues and a champion for corporate diversity.

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Navarro, Carlos.jpg

Carlos Navarro

Director of Marketing, Principal Financial Group

CARLOS NAVARRO leads marketing efforts at Principal Financial Group, focused on helping individuals save enough and have enough in retirement. Along with his team, he creates and implements engagement strategies and customer experience initiatives for millions of retirement plan participants. Prior to joining Principal in 2017, Carlos led corporate marketing and branding for large global businesses across industry segments, both domestic and international. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Tulane University and a master’s degree in marketing and international business from Loyola University in New Orleans.

Rubin, Ben Fox take 2.jpg

Ben Fox Rubin

Senior Reporter, C|Net

BEN FOX RUBIN is a senior reporter for CNET News in Manhattan, reporting on Amazon, e-commerce and mobile payments. He previously worked as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal and got his start at newspapers in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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Caricature_Michele Tivey.jpg

Michele Tivey

Co-Founder & CEO, Payometry

MICHELE TIVEY, Co-Founder and CEO of the payments strategy and consulting firm Payometry, is a former NYC prosecutor and political consultant whose talents lie in “packaging, presenting, and persuading” for Payometry’s many clients within the Financial Services industry. Michele heads the industry research team, providing due diligence assistance to clients in Private Equity and Venture Capital. She also runs the technology arm of Payometry, housing three proprietary technologies in assessment, optimization, and vendor selection. Michele has been featured as a guest columnist for The Financial Revolutionist and goMEDICI and was a featured guest in a Future of Tech Podcast. She’s been a speaker at Money2020, the Electronic Transactions Association, and the Electronic Retailers Association.

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Caricature_Scott Tivey.jpg

Scott Tivey

Co-Founder & CPO, Payometry

SCOTT TIVEY is Co-Founder and CPO of the payments strategy and consulting firm Payometry. Called “the leading expert in the world regarding card declines and payments optimization” by a high-level executive at one of the top two card networks, Scott is known among powerful CEOs as their secret weapon. His proprietary data sets and technologies are revolutionary. Scott has been years ahead of the rest of the industry in spotting and solving the problems surrounding frictionless commerce with his unique methods, having created over $3.2 Billion dollars in profitability for his merchant clients, and almost $200 Million for acquiring banks in fees alone, since 2011. A serial entrepreneur, Scott had an exit to SeaCoast Publishing in 1997, and his roots as a systems designer have enabled him to contribute to the patents of the continuous service model, as well as card-processing, order management, and fulfillment systems.

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Top, Derek.jpg

Derek Top

Senior Analyst, Opus Research

DEREK TOP is senior analyst and head of editorial operations for Opus Research, a diversified advisory firm tracking conversational commerce and intelligent assistance technologies. For more than 15 years, he has been covering transformative technologies and producing top-notch business events. Prior to Opus, Derek was senior editor and program director at GreenBiz Group. There he helped produce the VERGE conference series and wrote about how the convergence of mobile and information technologies are driving innovation for smart energy and sustainability. Previously, Derek served as senior associate editor with Optimize magazine and InformationWeek covering business technology and enterprise IT trends for CMP Media and UBM. Before joining CMP, he was managing editor with Streaming Media, Inc.

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